Life On Top of theTar Sands

It’s billed as the battle of ENERGY vs. THE ENVIRONMENT.  On one side, Canadian and U.S. governors endorse the proposed $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline, which will run about 2,000 miles from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, bringing heavy crude oil that are squeezed out of tar sands.  On the other,  environmental groups (such as Tars Sands Action and Dirty Oil Sands) oppose the project with sophisticated activism, including choreographed campaigns such as the Sierra Club’s animated “The Dirtiest Oil on Earth”, narrated by actor Joshua Jackson.

Tar Sands Game Over 

Idle No More and Tar Sands video (below): People are not collateral damage.  Description:  The Lubicon Lake Nation face the loss of their lands as oil companies tear up the forest from around them to get at the oil and gas under the precious boreal. While the government ignores their pleas for clean running water or plumbing along with the failure to recognize them as a sovereign nation, which they have been for long since before any Europeans may have arrived in North America, the tribe joins other Idle No More groups to protest the tar sands actions.


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