Research topics

Case studies follow many of the guidelines from the Sycuan Institute on Tribal Gaming, a research center at San Diego State University. Here are the research topics (and each geographic area) and online examples from Prairie Island Indian Community and its casino, Treasure Island Casino.

  • Economic Development:  Use of revenues to improve life for tribal members, diversifying assets, building sustainable communities, etc.  Example:  Gambling Expansion Study and other pages.  Other topics:  Food sovereignty,  sustainability.
  • Economic Factors in Surrounding Communities:  Factors that influence players and disposable incomes, contributions to community, etc.  Example:  FAQs about donations, etc.
  • Policy and Political Issues:  State/federal intervention, caps, issues of sovereignty, guidelines regarding use of revenues, mandates about gambling, etc.  Example:  Policy Position – Prairie Island Indian Community
  • Regulatory and legal issues: Licensing, compacts, rights of tribes against states (and vice versa) taxation, accounting, etc. Example:  Tribal Government.
  • Tribal culture:  Inter-tribal conflict, how tribal culture affects Indian gaming, maintaining and communicating Native American cultures, balancing heritage vs. operating in the 21st Century, trust/mistrust between tribes, etc.  Make sure to see how your tribe meets mandates about responsible gaming and note contents of any Newsroom.  Example:  Prairie Island Community History.

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