Ignite presos

As part of our tribal culture research, each team collaborated to create an IGNITE talk.  This is a very different type of Power Point and requires much more planning and rehearsal than the usual text-heavy presentation, so much so that we focused some of our time on just learning the format and other framework of successful Ignites!  One of our favorites, the 22-minute meeting, showcases the possibilities of saying so much in just five minutes.

Here are six helpful pages for speakers:

Scott Berkun – How to Give a Great Ignite Talk

Jason Grigsby – How to Give a Successful Ignite Presentation

Cory Forsyth – How to Give an Ignite Talk

Ignite PHX – 5 Myths About Being an Ignite Presenter

Ignite PHX – 5 Reasons Why Your Submission to Ignite Phoenix Sucks

Bess Gallanis – My journey to Ignite Chicago

AND HERE are some presentation tips and templates from Ignite Phoenix.

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