About the class

Here is information about the Fall AIS 230A Contemporary Indian Gaming and Casinos course at the University of Washington.  We’ll be using a triangulation of research methods — content analysis, interviews/surveys, and discourse/visual analysis — to study American Indian tribes and casinos.

Course Description

From the UW Catalog: An overview of the US Tribal Gaming Industry from the perspective of Tribal Sovereignty includes the development, successes, and current issues of American Indian gaming operations following the Supreme Court’s Cabazon decision (1987) and the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (1988).  Gaming industry experiences of the Pequot, Seminole, California, Pacific Northwest, and other tribes are considered.  (I&S)

From the Instructor:  This course is modeled as a work environment laboratory, building your knowledge in terms of hard skills (researching with analytical approach for discussions and writing) and soft skills (small group work, collaboration, etc.)

Bonus!  This course satisfies the “W” (Writing) credit!  Criteria for this important credit is 10-15 pages of graded, out-of-class writing, in the form of a longer paper with a required revision OR two or more short papers.  In this course, you’ll write and revise papers, which satisfies this requirement.

Click here for the required text and other resources.

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