PR Case Studies

The Fall 2013 Public Relations Case Studies class at Bridgewater State University studied the Idle No More movement as an example of activist public relations.  Here are their case studies:

Managing Crises During Conflicting Times by Rui Andrew

Slow no Longer on Saving our Environment by Rhiannon Andrews

Idolize Earth More by Christi Bonneau

Case Theories in Action by Theresa Burgess

Idle No More- A positive approach in getting noticed by Kayla Corey

No Longer Idle by Michael Jean

The Movement for Legitimate Indigenous Sovereignty by Dan Kimball

Idle No More- An Effective Model for Crisis Management by Leanne Lowell

Indigenous People Fight for the Home Land by Jenna Lucas

Idle No More by Erika Monfort

IdleNoMore really goes Idle No More- IdleNoMore’s “fight” for the public by Andrew Mounter

Indigenous Nations United- Idle No More Campaign by Jason Overton

Idle No More, But Successful in the Future?  by William Raczkowski

Idle No More- A Voice for First Nations by Taylor Sardinha

Idle No More- An Activist Public Relations Campaign by Derek Stemmler

Idle No More- Maintaining their Mission Through Crisis Management by David Twombly

Activist of Reason by Stephanie Walsh



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