About Us

The media of activism has shifted into information brevity where less must be transparent AND more. Now is the time to harness the power of the shortened word and make it work for social justice with the global reach of ICTs and social media. Using current movements such as Idle No More and Tar Sands Action, as well as other tribal and corporate campaigns, this project explores the ways we engage audiences about sustainability in ways that encourage deeper thinking and create behavior change.  Through such research, we help groups to design messages of impact and place our students in a work environment laboratory, building knowledge in terms of hard skills (researching with analytical approach for discussions and writing) and soft skills (small group work, collaboration, etc.) .

About us:  Two academics – Dr. Thomasena Shaw (Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts) and Dr. Nancy Van Leuven (California State University Fresno) – hope to share resources about today’s activist public relations.  Please post on this site and contact us at Thomasena.Shaw@bridgew.edu and NancyVanLeuven@gmail.com.

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