Elections Alone Don’t Create Change –MOVEMENTS DO

11-15-16WHEN: #Nov15 — #NoDAPL Day of Action at Army Corps of Engineers

WHAT: Disrupt ‘business-as-usual” and demand that the federal Army Corps of Engineers and incoming administration stop the Dakota Access pipeline. One week after the election, and one year after movements stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, many groups are banding together to protest the Dakota Access and stop all fossil fuel infrastructure.

HOW TO JOIN: Find an Army Corps office near you, or sign up to host an action in your city to support those fighting on the front lines. You can also join or host an action at a bank that’s financing the pipeline.

Learn more:

  • Other participants: 350.org; Native Organizers Alliance; Grassroots Global Justice Alliance; National Nurses United; Hip Hop Caucus; CREDO; Bold Alliance; Greenpeace USA; Idle No More; Beyond Extreme Energy; Rainforest Action Network; Stand.earth; Oil Change International; Our Revolution; Center for Popular Democracy; Powershift Network; Defenders of the Land; Earthworks; Food and Water Watch; Justice and Witness Ministries, United Church of Christ; Center for Biological Diversity; Daily Kos; Natural Resources Defense Council; Sierra Club; Iraq Veterans against the War; Ruckus Society; Friends of the Earth; Climate Hawks Vote, and more.
  • Other voices: Gyasi Ross (Author, speaker and storyteller. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram), Winona LaDuke (internationally known activist and writer about issues of sustainable development), ), Indianz.com (Native American news, information and entertainment. Owned by Ho-Chunk Inc., economic development arm of Winnebago Tribe), and Unicorn Riot (Viewer-supported, redistributable independent media).

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